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August 2020




⭐ STYLISH HIGH QUALITY Woven Rope Planter Baskets in popular 12x12" and 10x10" sizes. You get TWO baskets in this value set. Choose from 16 exciting designs in our new line with favorite colors and combinations.

⭐ PERFECT FOR PLANTS from flowers to tree saplings to healthful herbs and succulents. These will make your home or business greener, move inviting, and filled with natural life. Get these and use for your favorite plants. It's the easy way to energize and decorate any space.

⭐ HAND WOVEN for finest quality. Our workshop of skilled crafts people carry on a tradition of beautiful and very useful rope baskets that has graced countless cultures for thousands of years. These add style and individuality to your rooms. While they excel at practical uses, they're also very pleasing to look at.

⭐ MULTI-USE & VERSATILE. These baskets can also be used for storing and organizing toys, pet possessions, crafts, baby clothing, diapers, and just about everything else. Helps eliminate clutter while making it easier to find what you need. Removes stress and frustration from your home and life.

⭐ GREAT GIFT IDEA for anyone who loves a practical, minimal, beautiful woven rope basket. With 2 baskets in this set, it's a wonderful value everyone appreciates. Just right to give for birthday, holiday, anniversary, Christmas, and wedding gift idea. Get yours now while we have these favorite sizes and colors in plentiful supply. They are selling quickly.
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