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Cotton Rope Hanging Planter Basket - Set of 2 - Honey & Off-White Cotton Rope Hanging Planter Basket - Set of 2 - Honey & Off-White
$21.99 $29.99

⭐ YOU GET 2 BASKETS in every order. These are perhaps the finest woven rope planter baskets available anywhere. Now offered in a stunning 10 different styles and your favorite colors. Buy several to place around your home, office, school, or restaurant.

⭐ PREMIUM HAND WOVEN COTTON flower pots made of natural eco-friendly cotton. This is safe for people and plants with no harsh treatments or impurities. It is a renewable resource grown all over the world and a favorite with customers everywhere. These baskets can also be used for hanging storage from your ceiling to clear available floor space.

$22.99 $34.99

⭐ STYLISH HIGH QUALITY Woven Rope Planter Baskets in popular 12x12" and 10x10" sizes. You get TWO baskets in this value set. Choose from 16 exciting designs in our new line with favorite colors and combinations.

⭐ PERFECT FOR PLANTS from flowers to tree saplings to healthful herbs and succulents. These will make your home or business greener, move inviting, and filled with natural life. Get these and use for your favorite plants. It's the easy way to energize and decorate any space.

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